5 Grocery Chains Offering Up To 7 Free Diabetes Drugs

It seems we have price wars going on between major retailers right now. You never know when another DEAL will come along. Could price wars between the drug companies themselves be far behind?
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5 Grocery Chains Offering Up To 7 Free Diabetes Drugs

Postby jimithy » Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:23 pm

I've found 5 Grocery Store Chain Pharmacies that are offering many Type II Diabetes drugs absolutely free. So far I cannot find any chains in the West that have started doing this but hopefully they will.

ShopRite Specifics:
ShopRite Free Diabetes Medication Program*
Glimepiride Tablets 1 MG AMARYL 30
Glimepiride Tablets 2 MG AMARYL 30
Glimepiride Tablets 4 MG AMARYL 30
Glipizide Tablets 5 MG GLUCOTROL 60
Glipizide Tablets 10 MG GLUCOTROL 60
Glipizide XL Tablets 2.5 MG GLUCOTROL XL 30
Glipizide XL Tablets 5 MG GLUCOTROL XL 30
Glipizide XL Tablets 10 MG GLUCOTROL XL 30
Glyburide Tablets 1.25 MG DIABETA/MICRONASE 60
Glyburide Tablets 2.5 MG  DIABETA/MICRONASE 60
Glyburide Tablets 5 MG  DIABETA/MICRONASE 60
Glyburide MCR Tablets 1.5 MG GLYNASE 60
Glyburide MCR Tablets 3 MG GLYNASE 60
Glyburide MCR Tablets 6 MG GLYNASE 60
Metformin Tablets 500 MG GLUCOPHAGE 60
Metformin Tablets 850 MG GLUCOPHAGE 60
Metformin Tablets 1000 MG GLUCOPHAGE 60
Metformin Tablets ER 500 MG GLUCOPHAGE XR 60
Metformin Tablets ER 750 MG GLUCOPHAGE XR 60
* The list of generic drugs on this program is subject to change.  No other discounts apply.  ShopRite reserves the right to modify or 
discontinue this program at any time.

http://www.shoprite.com/cnt/documents/S ... .06.10.pdf

Price Chopper Details:
The Diabetes AdvantEdge Program
It starts with FREE diabetes medication. When you complete the sign up form at the pharmacy, you get the following medications for FREE*:
Metformin ER
Glipizide XL
Glyburide Micro
Plus, Price Chopper Ultra Thin Lancets and Auto Lancing Device
*All strengths are included, up to 100 pills. New, transferred and authorized refills are included as ordered by a prescriber.


Giant Eagle Details:
How does it work?
It's simple. Just bring your Diabetes medication prescription from your physician and Giant Eagle Advantage Card® to any participating Giant Eagle Pharmacy® and receive up to a 90-day supply of qualifying, generic Diabetes medication absolutely free. There is no limit on the number of prescriptions you can fill, and the program covers new prescriptions and refills.
Qualifying Medications
Generic Name Strength 30 Day Supply 90 Day Supply
Chlorpropamide Tablet 100mg 30 90
Glimepiride Tablet 1mg, 2mg, 4mg 30 90
Glipizide Tablet 5mg 30 90
Glipizide Tablet 10mg 60 180
Glipizide ER Tablet 5mg 30 90
Glyburide Tablet 1.25mg, 2.5mg, 5mg 30 90
Glyburide MCR Tablet 3mg, 6mg 30 90
Metformin Tablet 500mg, 850mg, 1000mg 60 180
Metformin ER Tablet 500mg 60 180
* Giant Eagle Advantage Card® required at time of purchase. Prescription required. Generic pricing is for commonly prescribed dosages. Diabetes medications available up to a 90-day supply.

http://www.gianteagle.com/pharmacy/free ... edications

Publix Pharmacy Diabetes Details:
Free Medication
Get your prescriptions for generic immediate-release metformin (500 mg, 850 mg and 1000 mg) FREE, up to a 30-day supply (90 tablets). There's no limit to the number of refills of free medication you can receive.
Get your FREE metformin—NO FORMS to fill out! Just drop off your prescription on your next visit to your neighborhood Publix Pharmacy.

http://www.publix.com/pharmacy/Publix-P ... 5D014F36AB

Meijer Pharmacy Diabetes Details:
FREE Metformin Immediate Release (up to 100 tablets per fill, as prescribed by your doctor).

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