List of lists of "Price-War" Low Cost Generic Drugs

It seems we have price wars going on between major retailers right now. You never know when another DEAL will come along. Could price wars between the drug companies themselves be far behind?
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List of lists of "Price-War" Low Cost Generic Drugs

Postby jimithy » Tue Aug 05, 2008 1:57 pm

There are lots of posts in this Subject area that give lists of medications that are sold at rock bottom prices.

The problem is that these "Price-War" generic drug price lists are out of date almost from the moment the list is posted. Cut-throat competition and formerly expensive drugs make each list a "work in progress" for each drugstore.

Therefore... here is a list of the lists. Click on any of the links to go to a specific pharmacy's list of their inexpensive medications AND usually there is specific information about their prices. There are various tiers of prices. i.e. $15 for a 90 supply, $10 for a 90 day supply, $4 for a 30 day supply, $1 for a 7 day supply, and even some "free" 14 day supplies.

Watch out for extra charges. i.e. a $12 ninety day supply of medication from Walgreens will cost you $32 (plus tax) the first time because they have a $20 annual fee to use their special price program.

Watch out for "expensive" discounted drugs. Many medications are typically less than the $4 "discount" price. If you bring it to the attention of the pharmacist that you can buy their "$4 drug" for $2 across the street then he will probably match the local price.

Be careful if you use the same pharmacy to buy medications which are not on their list. Most of these pharmacies have posted higher profits since jumping into the "Price War". Reports are that many of the more expensive drugs have increased in price at the same time other pharmacies have lowered the price of the same medication. Few "Price War" pharmacies will give out prices of their more expensive drugs online.

It is best to use only one pharmacy for your medication needs because then ALL of your medications are on file there and the pharmacist can watch for interactions. IF you choose to use more than one pharmacy then it is CRITICAL that ALL of the pharmacies have a list of ALL of your medications on file.

Some medications are on some lists and not others.

The list below is not complete. It is simply the most complete list I know of. Please reply to this post with the location of any list we have left out and I'll update this list promptly.

NOTE: Many independent drugstores and chains will match local competitors or they have similar lists of heavily discounted drugs but do not have it posted online.

NOTE: Most of the lists are in PDF format. If your browser cannot directly read PDF files then you will need a free copy of Adobe Reader in order to view and search those lists. It can be downloaded for free, directly from Adobe here >

Here is the list of lists (in alphabetical order):
  1. A & P Supermarket - ... 0Flyer.pdf
  2. Acme Fresh Market -
  3. Albertsons LLC - On 10/1/08 They announced a "Rx-tra Savings" prescription discount program which prices 500 generic drugs for only $4.99 for up to a 30-day supply. It is offered in all of the in-store pharmacies. As of yet they have no web-page about the program.
  4. Baker’s Pharmacy - ... talpha.pdf
  5. Bashas\' Supermarkets - ... mulary.pdf
  6. Bloom Grocery -
  7. Bluegrass Rx -
  8. Blount Discount Pharmacy - ... e_BD_3.pdf and Plus revised 08-22-08.pdf NOTE: One of the worst deals EXCEPT they may dispense larger quantities and it may be the only game in their towns.)
  9. Bob\'s U-Save Pharmacy - ... fault.aspx
  10. Brookshires Pharmacy - ... ugList.pdf
  11. Burlington Pharmacy Health Care - ... 20List.htm
  12. Cash Wise Foods - ... 400med.pdf
  13. Central Utah Pharmacy -
  14. Central Valley Pharmacy - ... frame.html
  15. Charleston Pharmacy - Unique and therefore might lower costs for unusual needs.
  16. Chief Pharmacy & Wellness Center -
  17. City Market Pharmacy - ... talpha.pdf
  18. Cookeville MedPlus Pharmacy - and
  19. Corley Drug -
  20. Corner Drug Stores -
  21. Crary Drug -
  22. Delta Pharmacy -
  23. Dierbergs Pharmacy - ... ons+WN.htm
  24. Dillon’s Pharmacy - ... talpha.pdf
  25. Discount DrugMart -
  26. DMC Pharmacies - ... 624082.pdf
  27. Dominicks (several states listed at bottom) - ... scriptions
  28. Eagle Pharmacy - ... list_4.pdf
  29. Family Fresh Market -
  30. Fisher Rx Direct - Note: They appear to be a "brick & mortar" retail pharmacy in NC, but they are unusual.
  31. Food4Less Pharmacy - ... talpha.pdf
  32. Food City -
  33. Food Lion -
  34. Food Pyramid Grocery - NOTE: $3 generic list
  35. Franklin Pharmacy - ... 20List.pdf
  36. Fred Meyer Pharmacy - ... talpha.pdf
  37. Fry\'s Food & Drug Stores - ... talpha.pdf
  38. Gaston Family Pharmacy -
  39. Genuardi\'s (several states listed at bottom) - ... scriptions
  40. Gerbes Pharmacy - ... talpha.pdf
  41. Giant Eagle - ... tid=182262
  42. Giant Food, LLC - ... ist_90.pdf
  43. Good Neighbor Pharmacy Prescription Savings Club - ... 30-day.pdf and ... 90-day.pdf WARNING: This site will tell you the cost of their "Prescription Savings Club" OR the cost of any of the generic medications covered by the "Club". They want you to come in and talk with their Pharmacist. (See "Franklin Pharmacy)
  44. Greg\'s Pharmacy -
  45. H-E-B Food Stores -
  46. Hannadord Bros. - ... g_list.pdf
  47. Harvey\'s Supermarket -
  48. Hayden\'s Pharmacy - NOTE: Spreadsheet format
  49. Health Complex Pharmacy - Note:cannot find a website but see ... scriptions
  50. Hen House Pharmacy -$ ... g_List.pdf
  51. Herbst Pharmacy - ... mulary.pdf
  52. Holiday Pharmacy - and ... ions/news/ NOTE: A short list but they are all only $1.
  53. Hometown Pharmacy -
  54. Hy-Vee Food and Drugstores -
  55. IHS Pharmacy -
  56. Island Drug ... dollar.pdf
  57. JayC Pharmacy - ... talpha.pdf
  58. Keokuk Area Medical Equipment and Supply (KAME) -
  59. Kerr Drug - ... 20Drug.pdf
  60. Kevin’s Shop ‘n Save Pharmacy - ... mp;docId=5
  61. King Soopers Pharmacy - ... talpha.pdf
  62. KMart - ... 202010.pdf
  63. Kratzer\'s Hometown Pharmacy -
  64. Kroger -
  65. La Conner Drug - ... dollar.pdf
  66. Lake Regional Pharmacy -
  67. Lakeview Pharmacy - Pharmacy Brochure.pdf
  68. Madison Pharmacy -
  69. Marc’s Pharmacy - and ... lyerp2.pdf
  70. Marianne Pharmacy - NOTE: Website not up yet. See ... scriptions
  71. Marienville Pharmacy - NOTE: NO website yet. See ... scriptions
  72. Medex Pharmacy -
  73. Medical University of South Carolina Department of Pharmacy Services - ... ricing.pdf
  74. MediPharm - NOTE:$2.99 / 30 Days and $8.99 / 90 Days.
  75. Meijer Pharmacy - ... l_vitamins and ... ntibiotics NOTE:Free prenatal vitamins and free antibiotics only
  76. Navarro Discount Pharmacies -
  77. New Bethlehem Pharmacy - NOTE: NO website yet. See ... scriptions
  78. Nichols Pharmacy -
  79. Pasco Pharmacy -
  80. Pathmark - ... 0Flyer.pdf NOTE: This list is for 90 day medication fills. They have another list that includes 30 day medication fills but I am not sure it is still valid. - ... tegory.pdf
  81. Pharmacy @ Park Nicollet - ... arison.cfm NOTE: Few generics listed.
  82. Piggly Wiggly (memphis) -
  83. PrescriptionGiant, LLC -$4_prescriptions.php NOTE: This is the only internet pharmacy I know of that is doing $4 prescriptions + free antibiotics. They do charge $4.99 shipping on all orders totalling less than $49. Also, read our Subject about buying online before doing so.
  84. Price Chopper - ... 5822CBElLK and
  85. Price Cutter Pharmacy -
  86. Publix Pharmacies - NOTE:Free antibiotics only.
  87. QFC Pharmacy - ... talpha.pdf
  88. Ralph\'s Supermarkets - ... talpha.pdf
  89. Randalls (Texas) - ... scriptions and
  90. Rays Pharmacy & Wellness Centers -
  91. Reasor\'s Pharmacy - ... nerics.php
  92. Ridgely Pharmacy - plan.html
  93. Riesbeck’s Pharmacies -
  94. Roberts Food Center -
  95. Russ’s Market Pharmacy - ... rmacy/drug list.pdf
  96. Rx Care Pharmacy -
  97. Safeway (some states) - ... scriptions
  98. Sam\'s Club - ... r_list.pdf
  99. Schnucks Pharmacy (includes free antibiotics) - and
  100. Sears Grand Pharmacies - NOTE: This is related to the KMart Pharmacy Discount Program (same company). This link is NOT an official company link. Press release is: ... _grand.htm
  101. ShopRite - ... .23.08.pdf and ... .23.08.pdf and ... .23.08.pdf
  102. Silverton Pharmacy -
  103. Smiths Food & Drug - ... talpha.pdf
  104. Stater Bros. Markets - ... tnBrch.pdf
  105. Stop & Shop - ... ist_90.pdf
  106. Sunshine Pharmacy - ... 20Plan.pdf
  107. SuperFresh - ... 0Flyer.pdf
  108. Super Saver - ... 0SAVER.pdf
  109. Sweetbay Supermarket - ... g_list.pdf
  110. Target - ... _drugs.jsp
  111. The Pharmacy (Johnson City) -
  112. Tinsley Bible Drugstore -
  113. Tom Thumb (Texas) - ... scriptions
  114. Trinity Pharmacy - NOTE:They have no generic list but simply say "We will match $4 Generic offers."
  115. Value Drugs - and ... celist.pdf
  116. Waldbaums - ... 0Flyer.pdf
  117. Walgreens - ... csList.pdf
  118. Walmart - ... r_list.pdf
  119. Weber & Judd Pharmacies -
  120. Wegmans -
  121. Weis Markets - ... p;session= NOTE:They just introduced a cheap generics program on 10/03/08, but have not yet posted a list of drugs.
  122. Wellspring Pharmacy - ... oct_07.pdf
  123. Westfield Pharmacy -

If you know of a chain or store with a large online list of similarly priced medications then please reply to this post with the store\'s/chain\'s name. I\'ll add it to this top list.

If you find any of the above links no longer point to the newest list or it points to nothing. Please reply to this post and I\'ll fix the problem.

Hope this post makes finding the medication you need at a decent price - a little easier. :)
If you know of a chain or store with a large online list of similarly priced medications then please reply to this post with the store\'s/chain\'s name. I\'ll add it to this top list.

If you find any of the above links no longer point to the newest list or it points to nothing. Please reply to this post and I\'ll fix the problem.

Hope this post makes finding the medication you need at a decent price - a little easier. :)
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$4.00 programs

Postby Guest » Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:25 am

That looks great. Thanks! :lol:

great job with the list of list

Postby steve z » Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:06 am

As a pharmacist, I suggest to people the use of drug assistant discount card in addition to the "program" meds from lists. Using the card will ensure that people will get the lower of the usual and cusomary retail price(list) or the discounted card price-whichever is less. visit to print (print card.pdf) and use at any pharmacy. no registration, citizenship or income guidelines needed. Customers are always assured of getting the best price on all scripts.
steve z

Drug Discount Cards

Postby jimithy » Thu Aug 07, 2008 12:48 pm

Drug Discount Cards can be a mixed blessing. There has been a lot of fraud in the business. ( see Warning- There are SCAMs out there even if the card is free! ) That is why we required more information about the drug card being promoted above.

Steve Z. did an excellent reply below here that clearly shows that the above card is reputable and can save people money.

If someone wants to use a Discount Card but would like to compare other cards with the above card then NeedyMeds has the most reputable list of cards I know of. You can find them at
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Low Cost Generic Programs

Postby Guest » Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:27 pm

I am glad to see at least one, Wal-Mart, placed a date on their list. This can help to keep current on the formulary. So ma ny list are floating out there that it is hard to know whick is the most updated one.
Thank you for posting the links. :D

List of Lists

Postby bonnie » Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:39 am

Awesome job! It's easy to use as well. It must have taken so long to compile; so many people will benefit from your time, thank you.

Drug Card

Postby stevez » Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:29 am

I put the link for the discount card in the forum because of it's effectiveness. Agelity handles >60% of the discount cards on the market. As a third party administrator, their collective purchasing power has aggressive discounts (especially in the generic market). You're links to programs in pharmacies is great info. As a pharmacist working with safety net organizations, coming from a mutigenerational pharmacist family, Pharm consultant for the federal government, pro consumer regarding "access to affordable pharmacy services" - including fairly priced drugs; I believe all people lacking 3rd party prescription drug coverage should carry a discount card (the one I posted) because (1) once its on the patient record at the pharmacy- ALL scripts will be processed under the card -new an refill (2) no income guidelines required (3) no registration asked for (3) no citizenship necessary. Patients are given the lower of the store's retail price (ex $4, $9 etc) or the discounted card price- WHICHEVER IS LESS.

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