Medicare Part D donut hole rebate check isn't what you think

A lot of people are in a real bind because of mis-information from Medicare and their insurance companies about Medicare Part D. There are ways to avoid having to pay thousands into the "donut hole".
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Medicare Part D donut hole rebate check isn't what you think

Postby dlcnurse » Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:03 am

Medicare recently began sending out rebate checks of $250 a one time rebate for those medicare recipients that have reached the donut hole.

The Affordable Care Act that went into effect this year is being promoted as a benefit to medicare recipients. The rebate that people have been reading about does exist but what isn't being said is that those medicare recipients that are already receiving extra help do not have the benefit of the $250.00 rebates. You can read about it here:

Accordingly, the new law is also boosting that in 2011, seniors can expect to save 50% of their prescriptions for persons who hit their donut hole. This applies to covered BRAND name prescriptions, not generic brands of medications.

The new law will also cover certain preventive services without charging you the Part B coinsurance or deductable. And a free wellness exam.

The wording is what makes this new law so enticing and promising for medicare recipients. More and more insurance companies which include the medicare advantage plans are limiting what they will pay for. And the 50% savings on prescriptions is only for covered brand name medications when people hit their donut hole. I can venture to say that most medicare recipients don't get name brand medications simply because they can't afford it now, let alone in 2011.

The rebate that they are boasting about- I don't know any medicare recipients that couldn't use this $250.00 but it is being limited... its all in the fine print that many people aren't aware of.

When medicare sign-ups begins in November I would encourage everyone to look at their plans carefully to see exactly what will be covered and what is not covered on your plans. Read the fine print carefully so that you are getting the most of what you can out of the plan that you choose.
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