New regulation in regards to prescriptions for Medicaid etc

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New regulation in regards to prescriptions for Medicaid etc

Postby jimithy » Mon Jul 23, 2007 5:29 pm

A recent post from dlcnurse... It is important for anyone on Medicaid.

Recently have been seeing the new regulation that has been talked about in the Washington Post in regards to the new regulation to become effective October 1 of this year in regards to getting a written prescription from your doctor.

This new regulation will require physician's to write scripts for medications on a specific type of prescription pad that will have some kind of a validation, seal, or transparent logo, or water stain that will prevent abuse of prescriptions by those trying to obtain medications unethically or illegally and having it paid for by medicare/medicaid and abuse of the system.

The important factor here is to make sure if you are a medicare or medicaid recipient of your medications, be sure and have plenty of your medication prior to October 1st to avoid having difficulty in filling your prescriptions. Talk to your doctor about ensuring that you will not be without all of your necessary medications during this transition.

I still have not quite figured out how the government is going to supply millions of prescription pads to the number of physician's we have by October 1st without running into a problem.. But this is a potential problem for people needing medications filled that are on medicare/medicaid.

I found one article about this... which gives a pharmacist organization and AMA quotes of alarm at ... 0002BS4KO6
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