Resources that enable you to take control of your own health

It does not matter if you save money if you let the lack of a little information... take your life or make your life miserable. Often a little knowledge or prevention will reduce your costs too.
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Resources that enable you to take control of your own health

Postby dlcnurse » Fri Dec 31, 2010 4:56 am

While browsing the web I came upon a site that I found to be some great resources for each state for those needing assistance, there is links for clinics in your living area, food bank information should you need help in that area, also a copay assistance resource, publications with some for free and some for a cost, and some great links to assist you in taking more control over your own healthcare. In todays society, the more knowledge you have regarding your own health history, your medications, and the illnesses that you have, the better. There are some great resources located here that will benefit those in need. You can find those links here: National Underinsured Resource Directory (for each state) A co-pay relief program for those suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes to name a few.

Http://www.empoweredpatientcoalition.or ... -decisions Some great tips on finding the right doctor, what to look for if you are ever in the hospital, and how you can become empowered to control your own health care. In today's society, you need to be aware of how to save yourself money, choosing the right physician, and being informed.

I found the articles here to be informative, with up to date resources such as the medicare/medicaid, council on aging, co-pay assistance, and state resources.
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