Specifics About Getting Free or Low Cost Diabetic Supplies

Diabetics often have some of the greatest needs for a wide variety of medications and medical supplies on an ongoing basis.
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Specifics About Getting Free or Low Cost Diabetic Supplies

Postby jimithy » Mon Aug 27, 2007 5:52 am

Here are specifics about getting free or very low cost diabetic supplies.

I looked at IPump.org and this is where you file out the form for diabetic supplies www.ipump.org/assistance/reds_1.html when you cannot afford them.

Most Medicare Part B insurance plans provide all those items for free. www.diabetes.org/advocacy-and-legalreso ... are.jspyou It can be possible to get free supplies and a meter at sites such as www.diabeticcareservices.com/freemeter/ or www.accessdiabeticsupplies.com/index.aspx

There is a section on "Getting quality meters inexpensively or for free" down the web page at www.isletsofhope.com/diabetes/treatment ... ers_1.html

There is a lot of information about organizations local to most areas at www.isletsofhope.com/diabetes/assistanc ... ain_1.html

Since I am diabetic and the VA does not supply sufficient test strips each month I have had to buy them elsewhere. The cheapest I have found locally is at Wal-mart. Two reliable meters/strips are the ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Monitor $8.88 (50 strips are $21.94) and the ACCU-CHEK Active Diabetes Monitor $17.94 (50 strips are $27.94). These can also be ordered online at www.walmart.com/catalog/catalog.gsp?cat ... &sdir=sasc but then you have to pay for shipping.

There is also www.6995diabetes.com which is owned and registered to Rick Lynch of Carrollton Texas (972-243-2727). In a PR wire he announced partnership with Fifty50pharmacy.com which is registered to The Info Group, Mark Stone (972-416-8725 email mark.stone@theinfogroup.com ) also in Carrollton, TX. The Info Group is also the registrant/owner of Fifty50foods.com.

There have been recommendations in other forums (i.e., Children with diabetes) from parents and other orgs that point people to them for cheap supplies but I have never dealt with them. On the surface the 6995 site seems legit. They were established 11/29/05 so they have been in business for over a year but is no info on the Better Business Bureau site (which usually means no complaints).

They have free shipping and provide "packages of supplies" for each month for $69.95.

The first month's order includes a free "store brand" Blood Glucose Meter plus the following diabetic supplies:

* 50 Test Strips
* 100 Syringes
* 100 Lancets
* 100 Alcohol Swabs
* 50 Glucose Tabs

The following month's orders includes these diabetic supplies, still for $69.95:

* 100 Test Strips
* 100 Syringes
* 100 Lancets
* 100 Alcohol Swabs
* 50 Glucose Tabs

Additional boxes of 50 strips are $19.95.

Since their meter costs $19.95 when bought separately it may be possible to just order their meter & 50 strips for $39.90 if you already have enough of the other supplies. It is a bit more expensive than ReliOn for the meter but then you could buy 150 strips a month for $59.85 which is SLIGHTLY cheaper than the ReliOn Strips from Wal-mart.

Certain local stores now carry "store brand" or generic meters and strips that are fairly inexpensive compared to name brands. These products undergo the same FDA approval process as the name brands.

If you are careful then online auctions can provide EXTREME bargains sometimes. I typically use Accu-Chek Comfort Curve Test Strips. On 8/18/07 a box of 50 non-expired new Comfort Curve test strips sold for $0.01 with FREE shipping from a seller with an 8 year history of 2332 feedbacks of 99.9% positive AND on the same day a box with a price of $3.49 (including shipping) also sold from the same seller.

If you need more assistance it is best if you post a question here at "Quick Answers To Specific Questions" because if you give specific information about your needs and your frustrations. There you can get ideas from people with much wider contacts than I do.
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Postby BloodySweet! » Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:47 pm

Hi. Some great info here.

I'd like to add my current favorite online place for strips. I use a popular name brand meter... I can get 50 strips for 25.00 and there is a code out there for 5% off. Shipping is free for 2-9 day usps shipping. Not bad. got 200 strips for $95.00 just now.

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Postby jimithy » Thu Jan 08, 2009 12:43 am

Guests who do not register are not allowed to post about places to buy medications or medical supplies. They must ask us first. Therefore we have removed the online pharmacy name that was listed above by "BloodySweet!". We do not allow guests to publish active links to reduce the problem of self-promotion.

We ask people to read the FDA guidelines for safe online medication purchases. (see www.fda.gov/buyonlineguide )

The only verification service approved by the FDA is VIPPS which is a program of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Strangely this is the most expensive seal for an online pharmacy to be able to display... and yet the NABP does not profit from this service. The thousands of dollars required to be certified to display the VIPPS seal and the thousands of dollars per year required to keep using the seal is used to check out the online pharmacy extremely carefully as an ongoing process.

Most online pharmacies do not display the VIPPS seal. For some it is the high costs and for others it is the stringent requirements required by the NABP.

In my opinion it is better to not show a seal than to use a questionable for-profit company's seal of approval which does not have clear guidelines available to consumers. I want to know the requirements and the inspections that an online pharmacy must pass before being allowed to display the for-profit seal.

Numerous online pharmacy "accredidation/verification" seals exist. Some blatantly tell interested pharmacies that the only requirement for approval is a check that does not bounce when deposited.

Some online pharmacies show a Better Business Bureau (BBB) seal and link. I have seen a BBB seal linked to a page that imitates the BBB web page and gives an excellent rating for the pharmacy. I checked the real BBB site and found numerous unresolved complaints instead.

We have a difficult problem when referring to specific for-profit entities whether they are a "brick and mortar" store in your town... or an internet site with an indeterminate location. All we can do is search to find past or current problems with them and give you a synopsis of the results.

It is up to you as a consumer to make your own decisions. We do not promote any pharmacies. Any pharmacy mentioned is to provide real-world examples of possible savings. It is in your best interest to thoroughly check out any pharmacy before using their services.
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Thank you for the suggestion

Postby NoPocketCash » Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:28 am

Although the link had to be removed from BloodySweet!'s post, I did some background checking on the site referenced and felt it was worth sharing. The website discloses some information about themselves on their own "About Us" page but digging a little deeper I found it was somewhat misleading.
...manufacturers its own products from a FDA approved manufacturing facility and ships thousands of orders a month from a state-of-the-art warehouse in Cincinnati, OH.

To somebody less skeptical than I am, that could easily look like the products are manufactured in the US. Actually - and this itself is not necessarily a negative - according to a Co-founder who is the pharmacy's CEO, the FDA approved manufacturing facility is in India.
For the past few years, we have been involved in developing generic (and soon prescription) pharmaceuticals in India for sale in the US...

Our mission is to become the first online pharmacy to control every aspect of the healthcare supply chain by manufacturing prescription & non-prescription drugs for sale direct to consumers via the Internet.


Some general info I found reassuring:
    - The Ohio Pharmacy Board lists them as licensed Full Service Wholesale and Mail Order Pharmacy.
    - Their pharmacist of record has been licensed and active in the State of Ohio for over 20 years.
    - While they are not a member, there have been no serious complaints registered with the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau and the only minor customer service complaint filed was resolved to the consumer's satisfaction.
    - Extensive web searches found a high percentage of positive customer feedback on diabetic supply purchases.

As always, do your homework before ordering any mail order pharmaceuticals or medical supplies. :)
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Re: Specifics About Getting Free or Low Cost Diabetic Suppli

Postby dlcnurse » Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:10 am

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