Insulin Pump Pouches

Diabetics often have some of the greatest needs for a wide variety of medications and medical supplies on an ongoing basis.
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Insulin Pump Pouches

Postby jimithy » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:46 pm

Diabetics have major medication and medical supply expenses. People with great insurance still can have problems affording what is not covered with their plan. Insulin pump users have a variety of methods to hold their pumps. Most of those methods do not hide the pump yet most insurance plans will not pay for pouches that are worn discretely under ones clothes.

The first under garment insulin pump pouch I bought is adequate but expensive. It is a Medtronics belt pouch that uses soft elastic Velcro as the belt and the pouch has a Velcro closure. The primary problem with it is that the belt rolls up into a thick rope soon after I put it on... and therefore is not very comfortable and definitely not inconspicuous.

I have had difficulty finding a pouch anywhere that is well thought out and comfortable. I finally located a person that makes hundreds of different types/styles of pouches. They are attached to elastic waist belts, thigh belts and upper arm belts. They are custom made to based upon the measurements you send (waist, thigh, or upper arm circumferences). To be as discrete as possible the pouches keep the pump horizontal if worn around the waist... vertical for thighs and arms. You can choose from a huge array of colors/patterns.

I have worn one of the thigh pouches for a while now. The pouch I received is exactly the size I requested. It has a large Velcro patch which holds the belt in place and this allows me to adjust it looser or tighter depending on my needs at the time (and my current weight :-) ). It is sturdily made yet it is quite comfortable.

What is great is that it is very reasonably priced. I can easily afford to buy others for such reasons as... sometimes I would prefer to put my pump on my upper arm... The one I have is jet black... It would be nice to have one in a lighter color when I am wearing khaki pants. Many women would probably like a wider variety to fit in with their various outfits.

These pouches can be found in the eBay "PUMP'N IN STYLE" store (seller id is nikkio1975). The seller has extremely high feedback in all categories. In my opinion, the buyer protection there makes it one of the safer places to shop online.

It is rare that I personally recommend a product or store. Keep in mind that if you want to let people know about a specific product or store then you must get permission from a moderator first.
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