Need help with Copays on Diabetes supplies

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Need help with Copays on Diabetes supplies

Postby s3gl » Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:00 pm

My 20 yr old son lives downstairs from us and is covered on our health insurance (for now) but is unemployed. He is on the omnipod pump, we are finding it hard to meet the copays which just went up to $60 and $150 for the test strips & insulin. He is also on several antidepressant/anxiety medications also with high copayments. My husband just had his hours cut way back at work but it seems like if we have the health insurance there's no assistance of any kind that my son would be eligible for. Due to his depression he had been unable to work.
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Postby jimithy » Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:33 pm


In my opinion you seem to have several different issues to deal with.

  • Your son is a juvenile diabetic using the Omnipod pump that has a low cost to get going but higher than typical monthly costs. If you could receive a free (donated) pump with lower monthly costs, would that be an option you would consider?
  • Many diabetic supplies such as strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, etc can be bought much cheaper if you do not use your insurance (you did not mention which ones you get through your insurance). Is that a possibility?
  • You did not list the other medications your son is taking. The best way to lower total monthly medication costs is by lowering all of them as much as possible. Much of the time, even low co-pay costs can be drastically reduced. If you would you list all of the prescription and OTC costs (including dosages) then we could be more effective at getting it all affordable. If we knew which state you lived in and your insurance deductibles/copays (family and individual) then there could be additional ways to lower your med costs.
  • You said your son cannot work. Even if this is not a permanent condition he may be eligible for one or more types of government assistance. It costs nothing to apply but can virtually eliminate many health care costs (including paying for services). Would your son consider having a patient advocate assist with this?

Please let us know a bit more about your situation and what possibilities you would entertain to make the medications affordable.

Thanks for posting!
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Re: Need help with Copays on Diabetes supplies

Postby dlcnurse » Sun Aug 21, 2011 12:45 am

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