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Extremely Reliable Site

Postby Too Many Pills!! » Tue Nov 28, 2006 3:59 am

Some of this information is also in another post I made in the "Healthcare Prescription Cards and Plans" forum but this part really belongs here and has much more detail than in the other post...

I am on more than a few expensive Rx meds and once I reach the Medicare Part D donut hole I typically order from overseas. I've done much research for at least the past 5 years on pricing at various Canadian and multiple source sites and have been amazed at how much less medications cost in other countries. This goes for the same brand name drugs that are sold in the US and even more for generics that are available in other countries but not in the US. I used both brand and generic meds from Canada, New Zealand and the UK for 4 years before Medicare Part D went into effect and cut my monthly prescription costs from over $600 to about $250.

There have been many changes (mostly improvements making it easier to comparison shop) in the past few years but currently the best site I've found (and have used for 2 years) is www.CrossBorderPharmacy.com. They offer easy 1 page comparison of any medication you enter - in both brand and generic form - from all the countries where its available. These may include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, the UK, Chile, etc. While I may be able to find a slightly better price on an individual medication at another Canadian site, when I combine all my meds into one order CrossBorderPharmacy has been consistently lower in pricing than any other source I've found. In addition, they only charge $9.95 shipping "per parcel", which means if multiple family members at the same address place their orders at the same time they will all be shipped together with only one $9.95 charge. (They don't say this in their website Q&A section but I've had several orders where some of my drugs came from one country and others came from a different country and they still only charged me $9.95 shipping for the entire order.) They also now guarantee that if for some reason your order doesn't make it to you (such as customs seizure) you can call them and they'll send a replacement order for free.

I realize there can be risks in ordering meds through the mail whether its from another country, through online auctions or even from US mail order pharmacies. But similar risks can apply even at your local retail pharmacy. Counterfeit drugs have gotten past screening and made it onto retail shelves. Prescriptions have been filled with the wrong medication. There have even been a few instances of pharmacists making money for themselves by not giving the exact medication that was prescribed but still charging the higher price for it.

I also realize the US government still frowns on importing prescription medications, primarily for what they tell us are "safety" reasons. Yet some large cities and more and more states are now contracting to have all medications for the programs they administer imported from Canada! The federal government and the FDA are being forced to re-examine their policies and regulations...and it's long overdue. Only when the pharmaceutical companies can no longer get away with charging 2 to 3 times more for a drug in the US than they do for the exact same drug in Canada will we see lower prices in this country. Patent practices need to be revised so that generics can't be kept off the market each time a brand name drug is found to have a "new" use, which lets a new patent (and another 7 years or more of exclusivity) be issued.

I'll get off my high horse now, but I hope this information gained from my personal experience has been helpful to some of you.

Gretchen aka "Too Many Pills!!"
Too Many Pills!!
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Postby jimithy » Sat Jan 13, 2007 6:43 pm

I-SaveRx seems like an excellent program that allows people to safely reduce the medication bills.
This program that several states have joined in doing to help their residents reduce drug costs and increase the safety of buying drugs from a foreign country. It should be noted that the federal government also treats this program as illegal. It is available and open to all Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri and Vermont residents. Other states are considering joining the program.

This seems like a lot safer than guessing who might be selling counterfeit drugs to you.


Currently, I-Save Rx is not in operation. This is to inform staff regarding its status.
This Information Memorandum was prepared by Healthcare and Family Services (HFS). HFS administers the Medical Assistance, All Kids, FamilyCare, Breast and Cervical Cancer, Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities (HBWD), Veterans Care and Illinois Healthy Women programs. These programs provide medical benefits to families with children, seniors, persons with disabilities and other persons. This information is to be used by staff of HFS and the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS).
I-Save Rx is currently not in operation. HFS will notify staff if this program resumes. Clients who participated in I-Save Rx should contact their doctors to obtain their medication through their local pharmacy. If they need assistance paying for their medication and they do not qualify for medical benefits, refer them to the Illinois Rx Buying Club or other relevant programs.
If clients have any questions regarding I-Save Rx, they can call the HFS Health Benefits Hotline at 1-800-226-0768.
[signed copy on file]
Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services
Director, Healthcare and Family Services
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Re: Extremely Reliable Site

Postby jimithy » Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:30 pm

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