Help for a type 1 diabetic

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Help for a type 1 diabetic

Postby nthoffman » Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:18 pm

I recently lost my job and have a new employer now- I have health insurance (very high deductible), but no prescription benefits at all. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 17 years and am worried I cannot afford my medications. I currently take Lantus, Novolog/Humalog, and test 8 times a day. My strips alone are making me go into debt. I am also on Citalopram and Synthroid. I was wondering if you could provide any help, thank you so much.

Re: Help for a type 1 diabetic

Postby dlcnurse » Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:50 am

Thank you for posting. There are several ways to decrease the cost of your medications. It can be very daunting when paying full cost out of pocket. There are free clinics that are available for persons of low income and/or no insurance. Here are a few things you can check.

All of these links will take you to programs or clinics listed for any area in the U.S.
You can find assistance with diabetes medications. Here is a list of sites that you can also check-

Chances are you will not qualify for the assistance programs but it is worth a shot. Most of the assistance programs are based on income and family size. But they are available. Abbott Pharmaceuticals actually has a program with their freestyle lite meters and strips. To find out about their program, call 1-866-246-2683. Since you did not mention what type of meter you use, Abbott offers a free meter as well as the strips. You can save $150 for the year on your strips.
Another option is to purchase your strips on ebay. They have numerous items listed for the diabetes strips. When buying from ebay, make sure that the person you are buying from have a 95 to 100 % feedback that you can check to see how the seller does business. If you are not familiar with ebay, purchasing is in the form of bidding on the item. I generally "watch" items that I am interested in until the day and time of the last day. Some of them have a buy it now price as well. You will need to also make sure that the boxes are unopened, and also unexpired. Most sellers that I have noted generally sell in large quantities, for instance, 5 boxes of 50 strips, this is a really easy way to obtain the strips that you need at a very low cost.
You can also print coupons for a variety of medications. they currently have a coupon for Novolog in their flexpen. To find any other offers that they currently may have you can call Novolog Diabetes Customer Care at 1-800-727-6500. You can also ask about their assistance program as well.
In reviewing your medication list, the synthroid and the citalopram can be purchased for 4.00 for a 30 day supply or 10.00 for a 90 day supply. It is often cheaper to purchase for 90 day supplies. These can be found at Walmart, CVS, Target stores.
Lantus I found can be purchased for a 10 ml (100u/ml)vials in ranges of 93.00 to 110.00. The cheapest online pharmacy is a cost of 93.99 at
They also have the lowest cost for Novolog in the 10ml vials for 40.49/1 vial. If you use the flexpen, the cost for 5x3ml is 61.80.
We do not endorse any of the online pharmacy sites. The FDA does not recommended that you purchase from Canada or any other overseas pharmacy. Having stated that, many of the online sites are reputable and many people do purchase from them to save money.
Good luck in your search and I hope that this information helps you.
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