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Be Heart Smart

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:14 am
by dlcnurse
In my endeavers to help educate women everywhere to be heart smart, I have found a site that is also promoted by the American Heart Association, I want to enoucourage all of you to be come heart smart. Here is a patient portal that provides great information on cardiovasular disease. There are great articles on Heart Arrhythmia's, cardiac rehab, cholesterol, stroke, high blood pressure, and on pheriperal artery disease (PAD) and also a wealth of info to help you get healthy and stay healthy! I hope you will take advantage and take a look and see what this site has to offer you. And as our title of this topic "Healthy People Need Fewer Drugs". You can gain info here to help you do just that and take an active role in preventing heart problems.

Enjoy the site:

You can also help support the services also such as women rearing red to help support your American Red Cross and many many more!