The Assistance Fund Will Pay For Meds & Co-pays

You never know when a DEAL might come along. It seems we have price wars going on between major retailers right now. Could price wars between the drug companies themselves be far behind? What will happen with the new Congress?
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The Assistance Fund Will Pay For Meds & Co-pays

Postby jimithy » Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:44 pm

There is an excellent citizen group organization that can provide assistance that we cannot. The Assistance Fund provides money to pay for medication and insurance co-pays. I have not used them myself but the articles I have read about them were all quite positive.

This is a quote from their home page.
Co-pays. Deductibles. Call them what you will, they often stand between life-giving medications and the patients who desperately need them. And although a disease may be chronic, the inability to pay for life-giving medications shouldn’t be.

I do not know how many people they assist but if you are in need; I believe it is worth applying for help from this organization.
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