Medicare Sign-up is coming-Be prepared!

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Medicare Sign-up is coming-Be prepared!

Postby dlcnurse » Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:32 am

It is becoming that time of year for medicare sign ups. They generally start in October and run through December. I would encourage you to review the Medicare site as there are alot of new things posted in regards to the new laws that were passed.

You can check out the medicare site here:

I would also encourage you to start now in looking over the formularys and the policies available. One of the tools that will help you is the Formulary Finder/Drug Search. What you need to do is gather up all of your medications that you take, go to the site (which will be on here following this paragraph), list your medications in the formulary finder. You then need to take a look at each of the plans that is recommended for you and look at the Teir levels of each plan- these teir levels are what tells you which ones are the cheaper cost and which is the highest cost in your out of pocket expense. Teir I is the cheapest cost, Teir II is the next lowest-what I call the middle of the road cost and Teir III and higher are the highest out of pocket expense. Also look to see how many of your medications are covered by each plan. If you list a medication in the formulary that is not listed on the policy- this is a medication that they don't cover-which means you pay all of the cost of it. ... DrugSearch

If anyone needs help in figuring it out, send us your med list and we can research it for you and at least help steer you in te right direction--and no other personal information is needed.
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