What is the difference between Brand name and Generic Drugs

Despite pharmaceutical company propaganda, generic drugs must meet the same exacting requirements the FDA demands of brand name drugs.
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What is the difference between Brand name and Generic Drugs

Postby dlcnurse » Sun Dec 10, 2006 9:58 pm

When pharmceutical companies introduce a "brand new drug on the market" it is given a Brand name. This company has exclusive rights to that drug for a set number of years before any other drug manufacturer can offer a "Generic" form of the drug. Once the time span has passed, other drug companies start manufacturing and selling the drug, their version is usually known under a different name---"a generic drug". This is why for a number of years a prescription that you may have been taking was not available for a "generic version" and suddenly becomes available at a cheaper cost. There is no difference in the making of the generic form and the brand name form other than a different pharmaceutical company is making it.
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