Don't let Prescription Aid Assistance "Assistants" rip u off

PAP are required by the US government in return for huge considerations and subsidies to drug companies.
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Don't let Prescription Aid Assistance "Assistants"

Postby jimithy » Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:09 pm

Their are a number of "Services" that sometimes charge a large upfront fee and always charge a monthly fee to perform services that other websites, groups, and individuals will do for free.

P r e s c r i p t i o n H o p e . com is one of these, there are a great many others . They are at least honest enough to tell you their charges right at the top of their home page. These "services" do not give you a greater chance for acceptance into a program., RxAssist, Needymeds, etc. will all greatly assist you with any paperwork. Doctors, Nurses, Health Advocates, or even doctor office clerical personnel can often answer questions you might have. You do not have to go to that person. A phone call is a less intrusive and faster method.

We are also available to answer questions.

Basically it comes down to... it is rarely wise to pay for free services.
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Postby dlcnurse » Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:10 pm

Prescription Assistance Programs provided by the states and any of the pharmaceutical companies should not cost anything to apply! If you are having to pay a cost for assistance, you should get out of it. You can call any local welfare department, senior citizens organization, local hospitals or your own physician to find out how to apply. Most all physicians are able to access the sites to assist their patients in applying, and the information should be available from any community service for the aged, human services, community action centers, clinics, etc... If you are not able to check these local services, go to your state's page online and the information should be available. This is a free service program in all states!

Please contact us if you cannot find the information, we will be glad to assist you in getting it.
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