Another possible Rx prescription discount card

Can these actually reduce costs... or is it just another expense.
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Another possible Rx prescription discount card

Postby Guest » Tue Nov 28, 2006 2:57 am

I am on more than a few expensive Rx meds and once I reach the Medicare Part D donut hole I typically order from overseas. I've done much research...for at least the past 5 years...on pricing at various Canadian and multiple source sites and have been amazed at how much less medications cost in other countries. This goes for the same brand name drugs that are sold in the US and even more for generics that are available in other countries but not in the US.

This may not seem like the right place for this post but getting to my point...the best site I've found (and used for years) is They offer easy 1 page comparison of any medication you enter - in both brand and generic - from all the countries where its available. They also have been consistently lower in pricing than any other source I've found.

CrossBorderPharmacy has teamed up with All Care Benefits, Ltd to offer the "Freedom Benefit Card." They charge an annual fee for the plan but you don't have to join to research what pharmacies in your area are included or what their drug pricing is on your specific meds. They have quite a large network of participating pharmacies, including the WalMart where I normally purchase my prescriptions. I only researched a few drugs - namely Lamictal and bupropion SR - and found their "network" price was slightly higher than the cash price I pay at WalMart. They do guarantee that if the cash price is lower you'll only be charged that amount but if that's the case on a regular basis, why pay for the card?

It may be worth checking the site to compare their costs against what you normally pay on the specific medications you use. I'd be interested in seeing if anyone finds their pricing substantially better than what you're paying now!

The Freedom Benefit Card info can be found on the CrossBorder Pharmacy home page:

Sorry if this is TMI!

Gretchen aka "Too Many Pills!!"

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