Strange Things Afoot With Prescription Drug Plans/Cards

Can these actually reduce costs... or is it just another expense.
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Strange Things Afoot With Prescription Drug Plans/Cards

Postby jimithy » Sat Nov 25, 2006 3:55 pm

Hey guys, it looks like there are strange things afoot with some prescription drug cards. For now I have locked the following topic, if someone has something else to say then they can start a new topic about it.

What appears to be going on with some of the cards out there is that they provide little savings and get their primary profit from selling the personal information of people who sign up.

This is not easy to trace because people who complain do not know that it was the drug card company that started the problem. Therefore they do not complain as much about them.

Below is a post saying that "AmeriPlan USA" has problems. There is one below it that refutes that claim saying they have an excellent plan. I am not going to make judgments about it. You need to make your own decisions.

Here is what I have found out. On the Home page ( ) trying to get people to become part of the AmeriPlan business is a link to get Better Business Bureau Information about them. That link does not go to the BBB and the information provided does not match that provided by the BBB ( ... d=26001507 ).

The BBB indicates that their membership has been suspended due to government action in Montana indicating their conduct is significantly below the standards required by the BBB. It also says that the Montana State Auditor and Commissioner of Securities and Insurance made a Consent Agreement with the company saying they are not to do business in Montana for 2 years. Also it says that they have to pay an administrative fine and pay restitution to customers in Montana who have a valid claim.

There is a section on that BBB page giving advice to people who wish to get a prescription discount card under the topic
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