Drug Discount Card That Requires NO Personal Information

Can these actually reduce costs... or is it just another expense.
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Drug Discount Card That Requires NO Personal Information

Postby jimithy » Sun Oct 19, 2008 11:07 pm

A pharmacist, whose efforts help a lot people obtain medication, suggests that using the "Drug Assistant" discount card in addition to other methods of reducing costs will ensure that you'll get the lower of the usual and customary retail price or the discounted card price-whichever is less. No personal information, registration, citizenship or income guidelines is needed to get this card. Just visit http://card.drugassistant.com to print a personal card for use at any pharmacy. The "Drug Assistant" discount card customers are always assured of getting the best price on all scripts because the third party administrator (Agelity) handles most discount cards so their collective purchasing power has aggressive discounts (especially in the generic market).
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Postby parkerlindsey » Wed Dec 02, 2009 3:33 am

Is an Alcoholic a Drug Addict?

Most people have the idea that alcohol is not a drug. Hey, let's face it, it's legal to drink, as long as you're old enough by the local law wherever you are. So that's OK then. It's seen as socially Acceptable.

But of course alcohol is a drug, and alcoholism is just as much a form of drug addiction, as serious as being addicted to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or any other "Non-legal" drug. The problem is that so many people regard alcohol as just another beverage.

An alcoholic can't live without the "high" that it gives them. Just to re-inforce the point the Food and Drug Administration has in fact classified alcohol as a drug. So by any sensible person's definition an alcoholic is a drug addict.

It's not all doom and gloom, alcoholics can get help for their addiction, just as addicts to other substances can. I'm sure we have all heard of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). These are groups of people in pretty much every town, usually run by ex alcoholics, who meets at regular intervals, and work on "The twelve steps to recovery." This is a hard road, and it is accepted that an alcoholic is always an alcoholic and always "recovering."

If you believe that you may be addicted to alcohol and you want to do something about it then get help quickly. The sooner the better. It is everyone's right to have a good long, healthy life. It's not too late. As always, the best time to start your recovery is right now.
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