It is easiest to scam someone truly in need sometimes. It can kill you.
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Postby GeeWhiz » Sat Feb 03, 2007 1:35 pm

Once again I have cribbed a jimithy post and changed/added to it. I do not think what he posted can be over emphasized.

One rip-off method is to provide comparison price sites that show several pharmacies with prices half of what the legitimate pharmacies charge. (always compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges; Local American pharmacies will usually be more expensive than American mail order or internet pharmacies and those will usually cost more than Canadian pharmacies.)

These extremely low prices are almost always counterfeit drugs. These drugs are sold locally, via American internet pharmacies, and via foreign pharmacies so where you buy is not always a protection against them.

There is a good write-up about shopping for drugs and avoiding counterfeits. It is well worth reading: Shopping for the best prices locally & using the internet

There are various other ways to be scammed or ripped off. The most common seems to be over-charging you for services provided on the internet for free. (NOTE: All of the services at Slash Drug Costs will ALWAYS be free.)

Unfortunately there are easily over a thousand groups/companies out there that provide assistance to people desperate to get the medications they need. Even though the vast majority are legitimate. Unfortunately quite a number of them are not.

Programs like,, and are some of the more reliable popular free services that are fairly easy to use and effective if your income fits certain federal poverty guideline standards.

We are unique in that we are completely free and available to everyone, no matter how much money they make. It is our belief that a person should not required to be poverty stricken in order to afford their medications.

The scam/rip-off companies also can do something much worse than simply charging a fee for inadequate services. In the guise of getting enough information to help you... they get enough information to sell your identity to someone willing to get credit cards in your name, take out loans, or even drain your bank account.

Sometimes these efforts are not done through posts but by using "Private Messaging" or email between members. We do not monitor such communications. If you have a concern about something that has been sent you please contact the with a copy of what was sent and by whom. We will investigate it and get back to you quickly.

I have even seen such companies display "In case of fraud" buttons on their home page. These buttons can take you to sites that are even worse. They require you to fill out long forms so that supposedly you can report the fraud and so that monies recovered can be sent back to you. This is called phishing and provides even greater information for identity thieves.

There is a solution.

Use sites with high reputations, or that are well known, or that (like our site) do not require ANY personal information. Your identity is completely safe with us because we do not ask any identifying information and we do not share any personal information you might accidentally provide. (In fact our moderators will usually wipe any personal information you might accidentally provide within minutes of you posting it.)

We monitor this site very closely to extract any member or post whose intent is to earn money from our guests or to steal from them.

This is a safe environment and we will do our absolute best to keep it that way.

Good will win out over evil! :lol:
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Other Scams on the Internet... too good to be true...

Postby dlcnurse » Fri Aug 24, 2007 11:59 pm

It is not only on the Internet that you see scams in regards to OTC remedies. Television is a major source of advertisement as well as in magazines, newspapers, mail advertisements. The list can go on and on...

One site that I find useful is

This site gives a wealth of information on many different types of "too good to be true" remedies that you see advertised such as vitamins, supplements, cancer cures, and many many other items that relate to nutrition, health, etc..

If you see an advertisement that you are considering using the supplement, vitamin, diet aide, etc.. check it out first and see if there is any fraudulant information in regards to it. This site also has links to other government agenicies and how to spot these type of scams.
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