Easy Ways To Detect Counterfeit Drugs Before They Kill You

It is easiest to scam someone truly in need sometimes. It can kill you.
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Easy Ways To Detect Counterfeit Drugs Before They Kill You

Postby GeeWhiz » Sat Feb 17, 2007 8:04 pm

I titled this "Easy Ways To Detect Counterfeit Drugs Before They Kill You"

Do not get the idea that I mean FOOLPROOF ways. You just cannot ever know for sure.

There are many things that can tip you off though.

1. If the price is 25% or more lower than similar pharmacies (such as looking at several American pharmacies.) then you are getting into "Too Good To Be True" prices.

2. There are "price comparison sites" that give you American and Foreign Pharmacy prices. A lot of these sites are simple scams. They use the regular methods to get honest pharmacy prices and then they knock off 40-70% from the lowest prices and assign them to their own pharmacies that only deal with counterfeit drugs. It seems like legitimate price comparison and many people go for the lowest prices without following the guidelines listed under [http://www.slashdrugcosts.org/viewtopic.php?t=177]Shopping for the best prices locally & using the internet[/url] You get in a hurry and you buy "Too Good To Be True" without even thinking about it.

3. Most mail order (American or Foreign) pharmacies like to sell entire bottles of drugs. That way a pharmacist doesn't have to open and count pills (possibly making a mistake). That is why a 3 month supply is sometimes sold as 84, 90, or 100 pills. That is how many that is in that drug's bottle. Use this to your advantage. A great many counterfeit drugs come from 3rd world countries. The bottle can have lousy printing, English spelling or grammar errors, logo problems, etc. It does not take a genius not to take such pills after you notice the problem, BUT if you don't look carefully you may never notice. Hey, it doesn't hurt to read pill bottles each time anyway.

4. The pill or capsule does not look or taste right (or maybe it seems to dissolve differently in your mouth). Printing text or logos could be smeared... the color might not be right. It may be a completely different size or shape. (NOTE: Generics often have variations in size and shape) When in doubt take it to your local pharmacist and ask.

5. #3 and #4 do not work all the time. They can tell you when something is wrong but they cannot tell you the drug is ok. 60 minutes did a special months back on counterfeiting in China. They showed a box and pills of both real and counterfeit drugs (one of the most popular in the world) to the company that makes it. They could not tell by looking which was which. The company stated that based upon exports to China they are pretty sure that it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy the true drug in China. Well we stopped shipping the real stuff to them but they have not stopped shipping fakes to us.

6. If you suddenly seem not to get the correct effect from the drug then it might not be real. Counterfeiters do not try to poison you. They would lose customers. They just sell pills that are all filler and no drug. Remember lacking the medication you need to survive by accidentally using counterfeit drugs can kill you. Once again, when in doubt take it to your local pharmacist and ask.

7. Do not trust your local pharmacy completely. A major counterfeit drug ring operating out of Philadelphia was broken up last year. Once the drugs are in the distribution network then even pharmacy chains can be fooled. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy says that possibly 40 MILLION bottles of counterfeit drugs are dispensed IN THE U.S. every year.

8. PLEASE, PLEASE, REPORT THE BASTARDS AND SAVE A LIFE (OR A LOT OF THEM). http://www.fda.gov/opacom/backgrounders/problem.html

This is not to get you to paranoid to take drugs. It is to help you be safe. :D
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Tips for Avoiding Counterfeit Drugs

Postby dlcnurse » Sun Feb 18, 2007 2:26 am

Consumers have lots of choices for buying prescription drugs these days.. Tips to avoid purchasing counterfeit drugs are not always helpful but here are more tips that will make you more aware.

Look over all of your medications closely that you take. Note the size, color, taste, and side effects of the prescriptions that you take. Contact your physician or pharmacists if you notice anything different about a medication. All pharmacies and physicians offices have access to the physician desk reference that has a photo of all the medications on the market, including generics. These references are update yearly. Most consumers would not know to look for the water seal on the pills themselves. Take it to a trusted pharmacist to have it checked. All medications have a type of identifier on them to determine their authenticity. Most of these identifiers are not noticable by the naked eye.

Check for altered or unsealed containers, or changes in the packaging label. If the medication is loose in the package, don't trust it. When at all possible, ask for the product in the manufacturers original package. The original package has a lot number that can be tracked back to the manufacturer and its recording of shipment from the manufacturer to the distribution center. When looking at the prescription be sure to note if there is a notation on the bottom of the presrcription that gives you the NDC # (National Distribution Center). All prescriptions should have this indentifier on it. KNOW how to spell your medications and its generic names... many counterfeit medications will have one letter spelled differently!

Check with your state board of pharmacy or the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy at http://www.nabp.net or call 1-847-698-6227. These sources can tell you if the pharmacy is licensed.
Also check the list of Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site to see if they are listed to ensure the products they sell are legitimate. You can access the site at http://www.nabp.net/programs/accreditat ... -pharmacy/

It is against the law to sell prescription drugs to people who don't have a prescription for them.

According to the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association, if you get a prescription without a physical exam, you could recieve a drug that is inappropriate, or even dangerous because of a condition that you might not realize you have. ONLY YOUR DOCTOR will have a record of any other drugs you are taking and can make sure any new drug you take will not dangerously interact with the drugs you are already taking.

6) DON'T buy from sites that offer "Miracle Drugs" for a new cure for a serius disease. THESE DRUGS ARE NOT USUALLY APPROVED BY THE FDA AND COULD BE DANGEROUS OR NOT EFFECTIVE.

7) MAKE sure a licensed pharmacist is available to answer your questions. Whether you are buying online, through the mail, by telephone, or in person, reputable sellers should have a pharmacist available to answer your questions. Ensure that when buying from an online pharmacy that they have a physical address and phone number listed to contact in case of a problem.

8)AVOID websites that only sell a limited number of medications, especially "lifestyle" medications that treat obesity, impotence, herpes, pain, and acne. These websites are more likely to sell prescription drugs without legitimate prescriptions.

9) If you are buying across the border-be sure and check that country's regulations to see how strictly regulated the drug market is before buying from that country.

If you suspect you have bought a counterfeit drug, REPORT IT!
You can report your suspicions bought online to the FDA. http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/ResourcesForYo ... efault.htm or call the Medwatch program at 1-800-332-1088

You can be a well-informed consumer. The FDA has tips about buying drugs online at http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/ResourcesForYou/ucm080675.htm
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Re: Easy Ways To Detect Counterfeit Drugs Before They Kill Y

Postby Parquet » Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:59 pm

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