Illegal Ways Of Reducing Costs

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  • STRONG DISCLAIMER!!!! READ THIS FIRST does not advocate the use of illegal activities to obtain prescription drugs. We have simply listed methods we
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  • Getting Rid of Excess or Expired Medications
    Many people have left-over drugs. Disposing of medications is not always as simple as it seems. Drugs improperly disposed of can pollute the environment and even kill kids or pets rummaging through the trash. Various places have different laws and procedures set up to handle disposing of excess drugs. In the U.S. there are some legal ways of reusing various excess unexpired medications. Certain medications, such as those to treat AIDS and its opportunistic infections, can be collected by specific organizations for distribution overseas into poverty stricken areas. It is not legal in the U.S. to give your excess drugs to other people even if they have a great need for it.
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  • Foreign drugs
    In the US it is a common practice to illegally to buy drugs from foreign pharmacies as a way of reducing costs.
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  • Get Sent To Jail
    There are non-violent crimes with no external victim that can send you to jail for the meds you need.
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  • Sell Un-needed Drugs
    Drugs and Med Supplies You Do Not Need Can Be Obtained & Sold To Buy What You Do Need.
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